Mental Health Workshops for Kids

Mental Health concerns amongst children are proving to be an escalating issue.

Like adults, children are not immune to mental health disorders. Often children experience these disorders differently to adults. Treatment needs to be considered in context and delivered in ways that make sense to children.

PEK Workshops are a universal program that targets more than one particular type of child.

Each workshop facilitates important connections and conversations.

We provide techniques and strategies beneficial to every child.

We increase awareness, causes/triggers for mental health difficulties and provide an effective social and emotional learning tool for children.

5 Core Pillars

In our workshops we work on 5 Core Pillars;
– The Self
– Relationships, Trust and Acceptance
– Sensory Acuity
– Outcomes and
– Behavioural Flexibility.

PDHPE Skills

Our Core Pillars interact with the K-6 PDHPE Framework of;
– Growth & Development
– Problem Solving
– Communicating and Interacting
– Interpersonal Relationships
– Active Lifestyle & Personal Health – Choices
– Decisions Making and
– Behavioural Flexibility.


There are 4 phases to our workshop preparation;
– “Life Skills” all kids should know
– “Data Gathering”: this enables us to identify issues that are specific to your children and also to build rapport, trust and a safe space.
– We then “Marry the Data” whereby we incorporate the “Life Skills” component with the information from the “Data Gathering” and then we create your Personalised Workshop.

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