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Our bodies are not just machines for carrying our brains around in.

Your body hears everything your mind says…

It is becoming more and more accepted that the physical body responds in a very real, concrete way to our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours.

But what of the reverse pathway? Is the connection multidirectional? Can manipulating the physical body in turn have a measurable effect on our emotions, beliefs and behaviours?

Yes it can.

What we do with our physical body, from what we eat to how much we exercise, can – and does – impact our mental and emotional state either positively or negatively.

Mind and body are one system. There are flows of information exchanged; constant, multilevel, multiway conversations going on between body and mind.

Neurotransmitters are in the brain AND they bathe every cell in the body… your body is listening to every thought!

The mind body connection is so strong, so direct and so influential that, your thoughts , feelings and perceptions directly manipulate your physical being and your health in real time.

It is not uncommon for somebody living with multiple personality disorder to have physical differences in each personality. (Different reading glasses for different personalities or type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, but only in one of their personalities.)

And in the same breath… It has been proven that we have the ability to heal ourselves from such conditions by creating healthy beliefs in exchange for old ones.

The mind and body are intrinsically connected.


We use this mind-body connection to approach healing from a physical perspective. This approach provides additional ways of engaging and connecting with the child. This increases options for accessing issues, where the child may have resisted other more typical approaches.

Recommended food lists enable a healthy body to positively affect the child’s mental health. We provide strategies and tools to help parents engage children in ‘wanting’ to eat and think healthier.


Building physical practices, movement and activity into our sessions has profound effects on a child’s emotional and mental well-being. Often, coming at an issue from the perspective of the body, is even more effective than approaching it from a cognitive angle.

Our Certificate IV Qualified Personal Trainers help your children with moving their bodies in such a way as to help alleviate tension, anxiety and triggers for negative behaviour.


Executive function is a set of skills that allows kids to focus on tasks, follow directions and, most importantly, handle their emotions. Kids need these skills in everyday life and at school.

Studies show school-aged children who engage in a mindfulness program over a period of time showed improvements, particularly with behavior regulation and meta-cognition (understanding their own thought processes).

We give children the tools they need to connect with what’s going on in their world at the present moment. We empower them to accept their thoughts and feelings and form healthy coping habits for all their big emotions.

Not just another training outfit, PEK is a vibrant organisation that instils “fun” in its programs. The zest for life and passion for health that Amanda and her team convey is contagious and absolutely priceless.”

Coreena Cochineas

“Adults call it working out,
kids call it playing”

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