Do you offer free consultations?
Heavily discounted pricing on telephone and skype calls. Charges apply when face to face. First appointment must be face to face.

Minimum age for one to one?
Typically we work with children aged over 5 years

We do offer one to one sessions via Skype though it is not a preferred method of working and we always like to have at least one face to face meeting before using skype.

Will I be in the session with my child?
Not usually. We tend to find that children concentrate better and are more open and honest when their parent/guardian is not around. Sorry.

How can NLP be useful for my child?
It is claimed in child psychology that between the ages of 3 years and 11 years is an imprint period. NLP can be useful for helping to overcome emotional problems, behaviour disorders, phobias and anxious thinking.

How much do the sessions cost?
Typically costs start at $65 per session.

Can I pay using insurance?
Possibly, though it’s rare for insurance to cover alternative therapies in a non regulated industry. Worth asking them though!

When do the sessions take place?
Usually sessions take place after school hours – some practitioners offer weekend sessions too.

Who facilitates the sessions?
Our one to one sessions are conducted by a licensed Master NLP practitioner. They have a working with children check and are first aid qualified also.

Where do the sessions take place?
Most of our practitioners work to suit their clients and encourage outside play therapy sessions. Those practitioners that do make home visits re-iterate that it is very important in this case, you ensure that any distractions are kept to a minimum so that the practitioner can work effectively with your child

How long are the sessions?
A typical session is 1 hour long though some practitioners many offer a 90 minute session. This is highly dependent on the attention levels of the child and is mostly done through play, not arduous investigative conversation.

How Many Sessions Do Children Attend?
NLP can work very quickly. However the speed and effectiveness varies from one child to the next. Once your practitioner has met your child and conducted a consultation they will be able to give you a more accurate idea about how many sessions might be needed and how effective they treatment is likely to be. Typically we see children somewhere between 2 and 5 sessions.


Who facilitates the workshops and what are their skills?
Our workshops are conducted by a licensed Master NLP Practitioner and an assistant. Both have a working with children check certificate.

What are the skills of the practitioner?
Master Practitioners of NLP with additional certification in Youth Mental Health First Aid, Trauma and the Child, Family Studies, Child Mental Health and Cert IV in Fitness and Nutrition certificates.

How long are the workshops?
The minimum length for a workshop in school is 1 hour. The maximum length can be up to the length of a school day if we are offering a very specific targeting training day. Our free introductory workshops that are offered to schools are 90 minutes in length.

Where are the workshops held?
In your school hall or OOSH facilities.

What is the cost of a workshop?
This depends primarily on the brief provided.

When are the workshops held?
After school hours preferably unless stated otherwise by the school.

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