1-1 Counselling

All kids need is a little help, a little hope…

and someone who believes in them.

When you change the way you think,
you change the way you feel.
When you change the way you feel,
you change the way you act.
When you change the way you act…
you change your life.

The brains neural pathways are created from our repeated habits and behaviours.

As we participate in activities, we train our brains to create neural pathways from Point A to Point B.

These pathways get stronger with repetition until our behaviour is considered ‘normal’. A certain Stimulus-Response combination.

Some neural pathways create limiting or negative behaviours, providing us with only one option.

When working with children on their mental maps (used to make sense of the world) we can change the neural pathways in their brains. We enable children with the ability to understand why they feel the way they feel and resolve these conflicts.

Repetition then ensures any positive change in behaviour, attitude or action becomes the new normal.

Our counsellors use effective tools for developing an increase in choices, changing negative values, improving self-esteem, confidence, and self-motivation.

We have clients of all types, with all kinds of concerns, that we help.
We create experiential sessions through directed and non-directed child-centred play therapy.

My kids love them. It’s as simple as that. They actually want to go and have therapy sessions with the Pink Elephant guys.

Rhonda Connors

Let’s make happier kids together.

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